Friday, June 18, 2010

Majlis Bertandang~Kelana Jaya

my outdoor photoshoot at Damansara Height.

Wohoo! Thank God everything dah settle perfectly..:) Majlis bertandang pun dah selamat berlangsung di Dewan Tiba, Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya pada 12 June yang lepas...tempat yang best dan selesa..makanan, Perfect! sedap...ramai yang puji...overall, majlis berlangsung dengan jayanya...meja pun cukup, no guests waiting for a seating..Alhamdulillah...:)

ape yang tak besnyer pada hari tersebut adalah my wedding dress... the theme shud be black-gold, even my family in law and bridemaid pun all dress up in gold...but d**n, my wedding dress tak sempat siap as promised...i have no choice, they offered me blue.. wtf! then, the only option they can provide me is red and a lil''s still out of theme, but compared to blue, think red is the best option i had!

me and my BFF, Myra and Tiha, my bridemaid..

the other thing that suck it's the make up! OMG... what they have done! i looked like a *****! fuck the shading! damn it! so out of date..thank God i didn't wear her wedding dress.. pls la.. wake up! world has changed! update your make up skill pls!! tak pasal2 muke aku ade line hitam pulak....arghhh!! tu tak masuk time hidung lagi...uisk! sakit hati nengoknye...ingat aku ni kude belang ke ape!think bout make up, i became so stress out!'s over now... huhu:( tapi tetap tak best...

even my parents are not there, but thanks to all families, sedara mara yang least, ade jugak kan...Dad, cepat sembuh........:(

my wedding cakes.. thanks to bro in law, simran for sponsoring this cake! the looks as good as its taste!

Now, i want to thank all who did support and work had for the wedding.. Special thanks to:

My parents yang banyak kuarkan sponsor, my brothers and sisters yang busy serving the guest, my aunties, cousins,who helped to cook..

My Family in law..yang banyak support for the financial thingy (duit takde gatal nak kawen)..thanks to bro in law, simran yang support the cake and his wife, Ika (same name cam aku) yang support hantaran..

My BFFs .. Myra and husband, Meme, Yana and Shafik, Tiha and her bff.. for helping out on the wedding day, tolong gubah hantaran, tolong buat outdoor yang last minit, tolong pakaikan inai, jadi my pengapit, tolong belikan inner and contact lense and everything happens on that day itself...

My photographers, Apex and Hanis.. thanks guys! u just make my day! i look so lovely..can't wait for the book to be complete... giving extra credit to Gape The Skecth Photography. you can visit them at

and thanks to all who came and the gifts and the prayers... and the angpau.... thank you all...

Now aku dah jadi warga kelana jaya! aku dah jadi seorg isteri!.. well, life is more to complete now..

till then...:)