Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Ayah and Abah

Now i have 2 dads:)

Yesterday was father's day..Ayah still admitted in ICU, Hospital Sultanah Zahirah, K. Trg... I'm not sure what caused ayah ill, but from my mom conclusion, ayah was infected by some kind of bacteria for his whole body..pity ayah:( ayah was sick 2 days before my marriage.. :( and till then, ayah struggling with the sickness until i got married...

Ayah, get well soon......i love you and i miss you damn much!

this is my dad in law.. me and hubby went back to Nilai and having dinner plus celebrating father's, otam, zaim and ayai gave abah kind-of-pond with a stand...murah je...dalam RM180 je..we bought it at guthrie highway, i can't remember the store name, but there was a lot of beautiful decorations untuk laman rumah:) think to get one for my home yard:) wee.... abah like it!

oowh, it;s 8.36 am.. need to get a shower and get to work! i hate monday!

to my ayah and abah, selamat hari bapa to both of you:)