Monday, December 6, 2010

My BestFriend Wedding!

whoaa...lame x update blog...aku sebenarnye malas and i'm not so that called IT woman..huhu...well, my bestfriend, Liyana Safra Zaabar was married on last worries, i believe they're still on their honeymoon, it's not too late for updating their marriage in my blog, i guess! haha:)
Liyana selamat dinikahkan dengan sekali lafaz bersama pasangan Niqman Albali....She looks gorgeous in her tiffany blue wedding dress...and i envy her! totally!
Liyana being my good friends since we were in high school, we're both having probs to find our man..and after a few tries, i think we both found our soul mate:) Congrats to Yana and Niku, you look gorgeous and stunning, and i really think Niku is a perfect match for you:) enjoy their weds pic!

the tiffany blue's wedding dress is awesome! Thumb up to the designer:)

the 5 layers wedding cake..looks yummy!

the perfect soulmate!

now they're officially husband and wife:)

Dear bestfriend, i wish you live happily ever after...cepat2 dapat baby okay! love you always mate!